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JCI Malta will make the votes of young people count

0 Comments Date: 29 Apr 2019 Blog: Admin Manager

JCI Malta promotes and informs about EU elections with Make It Count! initiative

To encourage the younger share of the population to vote in the upcoming European elections, teach young people about the importance of active citizenship and help them make an informed decision on who to vote for, JCI Malta implemented the Step Up For Europe campaign with their national project "Make It Count!".

Through its platform "Step Up For Europe – Make it Count!" JCI Malta is offering a safe space for young people to learn about the importance of voting, engaging in democratic processes and doing so in a conscious and fully informed way. Next to providing information about the MEP candidates and the election process on their campaign website, JCI Malta organized a range of events and programmes to connect citizens with MEP candidates and educate young people about the functioning of the EU's legislative body and decision-making processes.

Thus, JCI Malta organized a "Speed MEPworking" event in the end of April, that gave interested citizens the opportunity to get to know and talk to the MEP candidates that are running for the six MEP seats assigned to Malta in the European Parliament.

Another initiative by JCI Malta was the event "A Day in the Life of an MEP Candidate", which gave first-time voters the opportunity to spend a whole day with an MEP candidate. In shadowing sessions the participants had the chance to follow the MEP candidates' daily tasks and events, thus, gaining insight into the political work and election campaigning of a MEP candidate.

As the voting age in Malta is 16 years, the "Make It Count!" initiative laid a special focus on students and first-time voters. Throughout March and April, JCI Malta visited several Secondary Schools in order to educate students about their voting rights, facts about the upcoming elections, and the importance of being an active citizen in today’s world.

See more pictures of the school visits here.

More information on the Make It Count! initiative: https://www.jci.org.mt/step-up-for-europe-make-it-count/

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