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We want to call and motivate young people all over Europe to step up for Europe and take action to shape the future of their continent. Young leaders must act now by embracing their shared European identity, advocating for the positions of young active citizens in Europe and taking part in political decision-making processes.

We believe that by taking the initiative and creating sustainable solutions with and as decision-makers young leaders can shape the future of Europe.

JCI Europe

Speak up: Join the JCI European Know-How Transfer in October! 

Are you interested in making your voice heard on a European level, advocate for the positions of young active citizens and lobby for positive change?

The JCI European Know-How Transfer is an annual exchange program between young leaders and European decision-makers. It allows you to take part in the European decision-making process by directly communicating with Members of the European Parliament. At the same time MEPs learn from socially responsible young leaders and entrepreneurs about challenges they are facing. 

Join our program and get insights into how the European Parliament works! 

Register until September 1 on: europe.jci.cc/programs/know-how-transfer/


Calling young active citizens all over Europe to take action to shape the future of their continent.

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To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.